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Art with Code

By: Cratecode

Hopefully you now understand some basic ideas behind computer programming, but, let's be honest, console applications really aren't all that exciting (this does change when you start doing more advanced things, though, and so I'd urge you to check out the section that dives a bit deeper into console apps when you're ready). In this section, we'll take a look at p5.js, a piece of code that lets us create art with code. By the end of this, you'll be a bit more familiar with JavaScript (and able to make some pretty cool things in p5.js).

p5.js is also capable of making little games, which we might get a small look at in this section, but if you're interested, the next p5.js sections will definitely use it.

You probably noticed that the console disappeared. Don't worry, it's now a little p5.js window. All the code is contained in sketch.js, so try taking a look at it and seeing what it does.

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AI Assistant

Making Art with Code