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Learn to code in the 21st century

Busywork and memorization isn't learning. Cratecode empowers you to learn (and enjoy!) programming by building meaningful projects that you want to build. Sign up and start your journey today!


Here at Cratecode, we believe that people learn best when they have a reason to learn. In other words, if you aren't enjoying what you're learning, you aren't using your full potential. Period.

In order to give you the best learning experience, our courses:

  • Contain engaging projects with a genuine use-case.
  • Are designed to be non-linear so you can forge your own path, while keeping all of the structure you need to succeed.
  • Measure your growth and how far you've come, not how much you have left to go.

Powered By AI

Cratecode uses next-gen AI to supplement your learning experience. Learning online is tough, so our AI Assistant can help you out by looking through your code and guiding you through problems, just like how a teacher would.

The AI Assistant can:

  • Answer programming-related questions.
  • Look through your code and find any mistakes (or things which could be done better), then give you everything you need to improve, including a detailed explanation and code examples.
  • Guide you through solving tough problems with step-by-step examples.