Bjarne Stroustrup: Creator of C++

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Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of the widely-used programming language C++, has been a cornerstone in the world of computer science. Let's dive into his life, his work, and the development of C++.

Early Life and Education

Born on December 30, 1950, in Aarhus, Denmark, Bjarne Stroustrup showed an early interest in mathematics and electronics. He went on to study at the University of Aarhus, earning a Master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1975. He then pursued his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge in England, graduating in 1979.

The Birth of C++

While working on his Ph.D., Stroustrup became increasingly fascinated with the potential of extending the C programming language, which was already popular among programmers. He wanted to add features that would make it easier to write, maintain, and reuse code, leading to the development of "C with Classes" in 1979. This new language allowed users to define their own data types and bundle them with associated functions, a concept known as object-oriented programming.

"C with Classes" evolved over the years, and in 1983, it was officially renamed C++. The name reflects the addition of the "++" operator from C, which increments a variable by one, symbolizing the language's evolution. C++ quickly gained popularity and became a favorite among developers for its efficiency, flexibility, and the ability to work closely with hardware.

Professional Life

Stroustrup's career took him through various esteemed institutions. After completing his Ph.D., he joined Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey, where he continued developing C++ and created its first implementation. He later became a professor at Texas A&M University and, after 15 years, joined Morgan Stanley as a Managing Director in 2014. He then took on a part-time role as a visiting professor at Columbia University.

Throughout his career, Stroustrup published several books and research papers, with "The C++ Programming Language" being the most famous. This book, currently in its fourth edition, serves as a comprehensive guide to C++ and is considered the language's standard reference.

Stroustrup's Legacy

Bjarne Stroustrup's creation, C++, has had a tremendous impact on the world of programming. It has been used to develop widely-used software such as Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome, and even the Mars Rover. C++ remains popular to this day, and its influence can be seen in other languages like Java and C#.

Stroustrup has been recognized for his contributions to computer science with numerous awards, including the ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award, the IEEE Computer Society's Computer Pioneer Award, and the Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering.


Who is Bjarne Stroustrup?

Bjarne Stroustrup is a Danish computer scientist, best known as the creator of the C++ programming language. He has held various academic and industry positions and has authored several books on programming, including the definitive guide to C++.

What is the significance of C++ in the programming world?

C++ is a widely-used programming language known for its efficiency, flexibility, and compatibility with hardware. It has been used in the development of many well-known software applications, such as Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome. C++ also influenced the creation of other popular programming languages like Java and C#.

What are some of Bjarne Stroustrup's achievements?

Bjarne Stroustrup has received numerous awards for his contributions to computer science, including the ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award, the IEEE Computer Society's Computer Pioneer Award, and the Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering. His most significant achievement is the creation and development of the C++ programming language.

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